Fleet Cycling – the name of Fleet CTC

There is a sister website at Fleet Cycling – www.fleetcycling.org.uk with further details of the CTC rides programme and other events in and around Fleet.

This year Fleet Cycling is running their first ever open event and have chosen two Tri-Vet rides of 100 miles and 100 kilometres to be held on 19th June 2016

Information about the rides can be viewed here www.fleetcycling.org.uk/about-rides/fleet-tri-vet-rides/

Briefly the 100 mile ride starts at 8.00 am from Hart Leisure Centre in Fleet and the 100 kilometre ride at 10.00 am. The rides will be led by our ride leaders in groups of about 10 entrants.

Refreshments will be served at the end of the ride and gels/energy bars distributed at two points during the ride.

Entry fee is £9.00 which includes the above refreshment but a hot lunch and beverage is extra at £6.00