Ron Liptrot’s bikes

I am disposing of my Father’s effects after his death in June this year. Ron Liptrot was an active member, as you will know. He had four bikes which I would dearly like to adopt, but alas I live in a flat and have no space for them. So I will try and sell them.

Here are the details:

  1. Principia Rex – frame bought in 2000 by me and used maybe 5 times before I left to live abroad. It was rebuilt in 2012 (I think) with an Ultegra 10 speed groupset. Rims are open Pro.
  2. Raleigh 531 Competition frame (again was mine to start with) with  mostly Campag Chorus kit. Rear mech and levers are Dura Ace 7 speed.  Hubs are Record (with the back oil clips) and rims open Pro.
  3. Roberts built tourer in FW Evan logo. Built with Chorus 8 speed group.  Rims Matrix.
  4. Land Rover utility bike with goodness-knows-what cheap components.

All bikes are in working order. The Principia is as-new. The Raleigh is tatty and dirty. The Evans shows signs of use. The Land Rover will be of interest to boating enthusiasts as they can use it to anchor most craft. If you knew my Father you would know that under the grease and dirt is a perfectly working bike which will never, ever see corrosion.

I will ask for 250 quid for the Principia, 150 for the Evans and 100 for the Raleigh.  The Land rover is free to a good home, contingent on a contribution to the Cyclists’ Defence Fund.

We also have a garage full of bits and pieces, pumps, tools and so-on, and if anyone is interested I can let them nose around when I am next in the UK (early next month, I hope) and see if any of it is of use to them. Everything can be seen in Four Marks.