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The CTC’s Campaigns & Policy Department has the largest team of dedicated cycle campaigners in the UK. Their vision is to make sure that cycling reaches its potential as a transport and leisure option. The work of the CTC would not be possible without the members who volunteer to become ‘Right to Ride’ campaigners who represent the organisation throughout the country at local, county, unitary and regional level.

Right to Ride representatives are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Basingstoke & district cycle campaign report

As a cyclist, whether you cycle on or off-road, you should be able to enjoy certain rights which can be summed up as follows:

  • You have the right to use the full highway network other than motorways, some sections of dual carriageway that are restricted to cyclists and other roads, usually in town centres, where cycling may be prohibited for all or part of the day.
  • You have the right to use cycle-tracks and cycle facilities such as advanced stop lines, cycle feeder lanes, shared-use paths and toucan crossings.
  • You have the right to use the network in safety, which means you can report any dangerous road surfaces such as potholes, to the local authority which has a statutory duty to keep its road in good repair.
  • You have the right not to use any cycle facility, including mandatory cycle lanes, if you prefer not to. They are only mandatory in that motor vehicles may not use them.
  • The Cyclist Dismount sign is advisory only although it may indicate a change in the legal status of your route, e.g. on reaching a pelican crossing.
  • Cyclists can currently take their bicycles onto most trains and on many buses and coaches.

In addition you have a legal right to ride on:

  • Bridleways – shared with walkers and horseriders. Please give way to them and be considerate – bridleways are marked with blue waymarks.
  • Byways Open to All Traffic (‘BOATs’) BOATS are marked with red waymarks.
    Roads Used as a Public Path (‘RUPPs’) – usually unsurfaced tracks shared with walkers and horseriders and the occasional motor vehicle. RUPPs are marked with wooden signposts where the path meets roads.
  • Some of the “white roads” on the Landranger and newer Explorer maps. If you are not sure whether a route is open to cyclists, check with Hampshire Highways on 01962 848544.
  • Long distance paths – These are continuous routes of varying lengths combining individual rights of way selected for their scenic qualities or history; they are regularly maintained and have distinct way-marking. In Hampshire, cyclists can use the South Downs Way, the Ox Drove, Hayling Billy Line, Castleman Trail and the disused railway lines in the Test Valley and Meon Valley.

Cycling is not allowed on footpaths (Rights of Way marked with yellow waymarks).

Cycle Training

Cycle training can improve both your confidence and your safety on the road. The National Standard (not to be confused with the old cycling proficiency) launched by the CTC is for all ages and comes at three levels of certification. Instructors must be fully trained and qualified. Our nearest trainer is at www.hampshirecycletraining.org.uk

or email enquiries@hampshirecycletraining.org.uk

or phone 07963 237619

Training includes:

  • Training to the new National standard
  • Safe riding for to-day’s roads
  • National certificates awarded
  • Road sense for all cyclists
  • Qualified instructors
  • Children, adults, schools, family groups, businesses
  • Individually tailored training

Reporting highway defects

To report potholes, highway flooding, blocked gullies, overhanging trees and shrubs please use Highway Defects.

For enquiries about cycling issues, speed limits, road closures, road markings, and traffic & pedestrian signing, please use Traffic Management.

Any complaints should be copied to your local Right to Ride representative.

Right to Ride representatives

Hampshire On-Road contact:
Heather Rainbow 01256 322581
email Heather

Hampshire Off-Road contact:
Sue Coles 01962 864479
email Sue

Winchester Right to Ride contact:
Sue Coles 01962 864479
email Sue

Hampshire Cycling/North Hampshire CTC is looking for volunteers as Right to Ride reps in the Andover area.

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