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March 26th 2015

Popley to Chineham District Centre
Accessibility Improvements

Popley_Tescos route 2[1]


January 17th 2015

Why not join Cycle Basingstoke and learn about all the exciting things that are happening?

There are so many things we have done since we were formed in September. Monthly meetings have been really well attended and we have lots of ideas we want to get off the ground.

The council is busy creating a cycle strategy. I think they really want to make it easier to cycle in the borough, they just don’t know how to design the infrastructure. Adopting a cycle strategy is a major breakthrough and is the result of many years of lobbying and hard work.   Hopefully the council will take forward the ideas in Heather’s draft cycle strategy: Basingstoke cycle policy (draft).

The Labour party wants a cycle supplementary planning policy document in their election manifesto. This is another victory for cycling. Quite a few labour councillors occasionally attend our meetings. Paul Harvey, former leader of the council, and an MP candidate came to our meeting in December.   Sadly councillor Carolyn Wooldridge from Brighton Hill who regularly cycles to council meetings will be standing down due to pressure of work.

We have spoken to the council on a whole range of issues – lack of cycle routes through Waitrose site, cycling and the Camrose football site, cycling and the A340 outside the hospital, cycle parking stands, cycle provision in and around Down Grange. As a result of our input to the Tesco inquiry a number of cycle path proposals have been adopted by Hampshire County Council.

Cycle Basingstoke has been having meetings with Maria Miller MP and Heather was invited to the Transport Summit before Christmas.   Maria has been lobbying for better provision for cyclists at road junctions in the town, in particular junction 6. Then in January we visited Eastrop roundabout together. Her reactions were the same as ours.

MP Maria Miller and  Heather Rainbow at the end of the route on Eastrop  roundabout


Eastrop cycle steeple  chase on the NCN23 – did the cyclist jump the fence or go through  it?



If you want to join Cycle Basingstoke or find out more contact Heather

December 19th December.

Cycle Basingstoke is a new cycle campaign group which started this year in Green week.

CTC members and anyone who supports cycling is welcome to Cycle Basingstoke. You can be a supporter, a volunteer or just have your say at our monthly campaign meetings.

The next meeting of Cycle Basingstoke is Tuesday 13th January at BCOT

Heather appeared on the behalf of CTC and Cycle Basingstoke at the Local Plan meeting with the Inspector (page 4 of the Basingstoke Gazette). Cycle Basingstoke wants cycle design standards which make infrastructure fit for cycling. She also spoke at the Transport Summit urging councillors to invest in cycling and design facilities fit for cycling.

Maria Miller MP has been helping cyclists on Eastrop roundabout and will be asking the county to design for cyclists when this roundabout is revamped. We need a cycle track in front of the new Waitrose and a cycle route from Eastrop to bottom of Church street and Victory roundabout along Churchill Way West.

Lynda West, a member of Cycle Basingstoke, is leading Breeze cycle rides for the over 55s from South Ham Russell Howard Park. We are now looking for a cycle leader for young people from South Ham, please contact Heather if you wish to volunteer.

Cycle Basingstoke is still formulating its campaign strategy but we do have a manifesto on what sort of infrastructure we want. New members and supporters are welcome.

Would you like to cycle, keep fit, save money, get to places quicker? Why not join Cycle Basingstoke. Cycle Basingstoke is a local campaign group formed to help people cycle in the borough.


Cycle Basingstoke wants better conditions for cycling – cycle friendly roads and cycle paths and routes which are fit for purpose. We want cycle routes that go all the way, safe, convenient, direct and easy to use. Heather Rainbow spoke for cyclists at the Tesco planning inquiry. We asked for a number of new cycleways, especially along Western Way and the Winchester Road, these are now on the county planning list for cycling, whether Tesco is built or not. We also asked for better design standards e.g. avoiding frequent ‘Give Way’ signs and difficult and dangerous crossings of side roads.

Cycle Basingstoke is all about helping you cycle. Two members of Cycle Basingstoke lead rides for ladies, some are nervous of riding on the road, others just want some company. These Breeze rides are now being organised from South Ham, every other Saturday from Russell Howard Park.

Cycle Basingstoke members helped residents get the Oakley – Kempshott cycle route built, we also asked for facilities to help cyclists across the roundabout at the Buckskin Lane/Worting Road junction by the Pitch and Putt. We are asking for a cycle connection between Old Worting Road and the cycle path by Davies Garage.

Why not join Cycle Basingstoke, get help, add your voice to all the cyclists demanding change or just find out what is happening cyclewise.

Contact Heather Rainbow through this website or direct

The cyclists' champion