Tourist Competition

 Cycling UK Tourist Competition 

Long established and very popular, the Tourist Competition has more than 330 events representing truly nationwide spread.

A certificate and badge is the reward for ten completed rides, with trophies and medals for individual and team winners. The events cover all aspects of riding from 50km to overnight rides of 600km.

A variety of fun events are also included, as are offroad and roughstuff routes. Up to ten events can count, preferably one each of the six different categories a – f in the event codes, plus four repeats. You can select from the whole programme of events including the National 400.

Details of all rides are available on the comprehensive but easy to view Cycling UK Tourist Competition website. Rides are no longer listed here as it is time consuming to colate and would be a duplication of information.

For the full current programme of Cycling UK Tourist Competition rides see the Cycling UK Tourist Competition website


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