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CUK North Hants Barbecue Saturday 11th August

The time has come round again for our annual summer barbecue, and here are the details:
Venue : Newton Valence Village Hall
Time and date : from 12.30 on Saturday 11th August, food available from 13.00.  There will be an easy-paced ride to the barbecue leaving Alton Community Centre at 11 am led by Janice.
In order to optimise the catering, please can you let Frank know in advance if you intend to come, and at the latest by 7th August.
Cost : £6.50 per person which includes your first drink, with subsequent alcoholic drinks at 50p.  You can pay on the day but ideally in advance by cash or by Paypal:- log into your account, click Send Money to Friends & Family, and enter the email address into the address box, Next, then enter the amount.
Help and Support : All offers to help on the day with setting up and clearing up would be gratefully appreciated, and also donations of a dessert that would be very welcome.  Suggested desserts which always go down well are trifle, fresh fruit salad, fruit crumble, lime or lemon tart etc…  If you can donate one of these, please let us know!
Bring and Buy : Please bring your unwanted bicycle bits and pieces as well, as there will be a table set aside to sell them.  You might find just what you’ve been looking for!
We’re hoping for a hot sunny day, and to see you there!
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The New Forest Cycling Week 27th July – 4th August


The New Forest Cycling Week was founded in 1975 and for 35 years was based at the Forestry Commission campsite near Brockenhurst. In 2010 the New Forest Cycling Week moved to the UK Youth Activity Centre at Avon Tyrrell Manor near Burley.

 The Rally attracts approximately 200 attendees each year. It is an informal rally for cycle campers, free from pressure and over-organisation, yet offering activity for all those who wish to join in.  You can come for the whole week or just a few days.  The rally is for cycling families, small groups and individuals whether new to camping or more experienced, in tents, caravans and camper vans, and all ages are welcome, from babies to senior citizens! 
There is plenty to see and explore in this unique area. The many minor roads and tracks make enjoyable and safe riding for families and younger riders. There is a choice of forest rides every day led by volunteer Cycling UK members, but you are also free to do your own rides. 
There are normally various on site activities during the evening. Activities during the week include a barn dance, an opportunity to ride on the cycle track at Calshot, children’s time trial and on the Wednesday use of the Avon Tyrrell Adventure facilities for children using Avon Tyrrell’s instructors.  The week always ends with the Friday night barbecue and campfire.
More about the rally can be found here, including photos of previous rallies:



Book directly with Avon Tyrrell here:

The New Forest Cycling Week is part of Cycling UK (previously Cyclist Touring Club)

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Ron Liptrot R.I.P. 1928-2018

It is with great sadness we report the death of Ron Liptrot, a long-standing member of our club who was well-liked and respected by all who knew him.

His funeral has taken place.

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Easy-Paced bike rides from Alton

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What if it gets stolen?

Immobilise is a national property ownership database whereby members of the public register their property through the website in the hope that if it is lost or stolen and comes into the hands of the police, their property will be returned to them. Immobilise is a police data base where items that have serial numbers can be logged.

Bike crime is particularly prevalent in Basingstoke and many of the bikes recovered by Police cannot be traced back to their owners.  Equally if we suspect that a person is in possession of a stolen bike we find it hard to prove unless the owner has registered the serial number on Immobilise.

More information can be found on the website

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Good home wanted…

I am trying to find a home for a cycle trailer.  It was made by an engineering student many years ago.  It is located here in Andover and as a CTC member thought that a member might give it a good home.  We are not talking money, but don’t want it scrapped!

Email for details

IMG_3982 IMG_3978 IMG_3981 IMG_3980


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Publication of the Hampshire County Council Cycling Strategy 2015

The following item was published on the Hampshire County Council website on 18th November.

Following public consultation earlier in 2015, the County Council Executive Member for Economy Transport and Environment, Sean Woodward approved a new Cycling Strategy in September 2015.

Aims of the strategy

The aim is to provide a clear statement on the County Council’s overall aspirations for cycling; set a strategic framework to support the planning and development of cycling measures with local partners including district councils; provide a means to prioritise available funding for cycling to the best value for money investments; and support the County Council in attracting new investment from funding partners for cycling and other associated sustainable transport measures.

The strategy links the County Council’s corporate priorities of health and well being, economic development, supporting communities and improving efficiency, as well as the planning and implementation of cycling measures with local partners. It aims to support and strengthen the importance of current and future cycling and the active travel strategies developed by local authorities in the County.

How the strategy was developed

Following public consultation earlier in 2015, the County Council Executive Member for Economy Transport and Environment, Sean Woodward approved a new Cycling Strategy in September 2015.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2015, Hampshire County Council prepared and consulted on a draft Cycling Strategy. The vision is that by 2025, cycling will be a convenient, safe, healthy, affordable and popular means of transportation and recreation within Hampshire.

This document went out to public consultation for 12 weeks between 6 May 2015 and 29 July 2015. There was an enthusiastic response from members of the public and the comments and suggestions submitted were incorporated, where appropriate, into the final strategy. The strategy document was approved by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment on 15 September 2015.

Comments and questions

If you want to comment or have any questions on the strategy then please email:

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Cycling in Hampshire: Over 750 miles of off-road cycle routes and urban cycle paths make Hampshire a great place for cycling

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Cycle Basingstoke

PrintCycle Basingstoke is a new cycle campaign group. CTC members and anyone who supports cycling is welcome to Cycle Basingstoke. You can be a supporter, a volunteer or just have your say at our monthly campaign meetings.

Keep up-to-date with Cycle Basingstoke developments and read more about it on the dedicated page.

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Shopping and Social Cycling Group

For beginners, returners, mums and old blokes.

On Friday mornings, a small group ride from Fleet, for about 45 minutes at a pace of the slowest, either to:

  1. Hartley Wintney W.I. weekly sale of cakes, jams, fruit etc.
  2. Froyle Village Hall
  3. Odiham Village Weekly Market

For coffee, tea, cake or biscuits (as available), then a 45 minute return ride. Slow and easy!

Start 9.30 and back by midday. Meeting and finish at 127 Crookham Road, Fleet. GU51 5SA. Junction with Coxheath Road (close to canal bridge).

Any bicycle, no fancy clothing, long pants and trouser clips. Ladies get bonus points for handlebar cane shopping baskets!  You can do it! we promise.

Details from: Jack; Fleet 01252 612565 or Dave; Odiham 01256 704493

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Cycle routes to nowhere…

…or cycle routes to Accident and Emergency?


Many motorists cannot understand why cyclists do not use cycle routes. Well, most cycle routes, unlike the M3 or the M4, go nowhere, they may end on the edge of a field, in the middle of a wood, half way along a street or just short of a busy junction or roundabout.

What about the cycle routes which do go somewhere? Well, caveat emptor, or in plain English, “user beware” or you could experience a painful tumble.

Last winter I was foolish enough to go on the cycle path instead of the adjacent pavement for pedestrians (there was no road for motors). A cyclist suddenly appeared round a blind corner, there was nowhere to go other than into a solid wall, we tangled handlebars and I ended up in casualty unable to use my hands or hold cycle handlebars for three months. As I say, I should have known better, as my husband was thrown off his tandem negotiating a hidden obstacle in the middle of the cyclepath. He was unable to walk or cycle for weeks and eventually had a knee operation.   My friend in Aldershot is a cycle trainer and should have known better than to use an 18 inch wide cycle lane, she was caught between kerb and parked cars with nowhere to go and was invisible to a car turning across her path, she was run over and had her leg broken. If she had used the wider pavement or even the road she would no doubt have been accused of contributory negligence. “Fortunately she was wearing a helmet” you might say, but how that is meant to prevent a broken leg or prevent the accident in the first place I have no idea. Then too no amount of yellow clothing will make you visible through a solid wall or behind parked cars.

The message is clear, cycle paths which are poorly designed or go nowhere are DANGEROUS and should not be built let alone used. What we need is SPACE FOR CYCLING and the courage to spend the necessary MONEY. Holland, the modern utopia for cycling despite having more cars per head than in Britain, was once just like Britain with few cyclists and nowhere to cycle. The Dutch had the courage and the will to spend money on well designed infrastructure with lots of space for cycling.   We need to do the same instead of buying a few metres of cycle path here and there from housing developers.

The Local Plan is up for final consultation, lot of new housing but nothing for cycling – just a few more shoddy cycle paths.

If you want to join the Basingstoke local cycle campaign group contact Heather Rainbow or phone 0758 3336879

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